Game, set, match

Some of Jean Henri Lhuillier’s business philosophies came from playing tennis. “In business you have to have discipline. To get better, you have to keep wanting to learn. Understanding that there is a winner and a loser is also important. If you win, then good. If you lose, accept it and improve.”

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Mother of Dragons

Dragon boat racing, a watersport that evolved from ancient Chinese rituals, is alive and well in the Philippines. Of the 20 teams under the Philippine Canoe-Kayak Federation, two are featured in this month’s spread: Drago Pilipinas  and the Philippine Titans.

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The road less taken

“We’ll be bold enough to say that we had a lot to do with popularizing outdoor sports in the Philippines. We promoted the category, we supported the community, we baked the pie.” — Willy Sy, Primer Group of Companies co-founder 

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Iowa girls

For nearly a century, girls’ high school basketball was the number one spectator sport in the state of Iowa, captivating fans and making heroes and celebrities of the young women who played it. Here is a piece of basketball history written by women. 

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